THE SPIN OF THE EARTH (or the twin paradox theory) by c.morning 2008

this world rotates at a speed of approx. 1,100 miles per hour.

a constant, precise and endless spin.

for the most part people don't even think or remember that they are spinning.

when we walk

we are spinning

while einstein dreamed of particle accellurators
while kurt screamed
while mary gave birth

they were spinning

while shadows creep
while love is lost
and people die
while butterflies endure , delicate strong
and everyone teeters to and fro
here and there
round and round

we spin.

along with the spinning plates
and water spinning clockwise down the drain
while our minds spin out of control with all the bittersweet distractions
and cars tailspin
and your voice ,
spins all around me

we rush and spin
making things
to simplify and clutter our lives.
while blackholes spin
and we try to make sense of all the things we don't understand,

we are spinning

we spin through all we do
even in the silence of this room
when all appears still
and you and i sit here
still and silent,

we are spinning

always and forever
moving and spinning

and trying to balance.

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